Hip hop to dance to?
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What are some good hip-hop songs to dance to, that I haven't heard of?

We've had some pretty kickin' dance parties at our house, and between the several of us who live here and word of mouth we've pulled together a very respectable bunch of rap/hip hop songs that have two qualities:

1 - Fun to dance to, and

2 - Obscure, or at least not in the top forty circulation.

I'm not looking for a 'best ever' list here; a good example of what I'm talking about is The Roots 'Seed 2.0,' which isn't what I'd call a well-known song, but never fails to get people up and dancing. I need more like it!
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if you like french hiphop, the Saian Supa Crew are incredibly good to dance to.
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I'm partial to K-Os, myself (B-Boy Stance is a bit harder, Crabbuckit is infectiously fun). If you like that, Ohmega Watts and Breakestra have recent albums that are good and very danceable.

Recently I've been pretty enamored with DJ Spinna (both for his soulful hip-hop as well as his down-tempo house. Along those lines, (hard to judge from the one track you reference), is Beatonic - lots of songs with track listings. Very funky. Speaking of funky, I've raved before about Rip Slyme. If you've never checked out any j-hip-hop, be sure to check it out.

Also, you can't go wrong with the classics.
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mama said knock you out - ll cool j
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There's a bunch of great downloadable dance mixes at the unparalled Captains Crate mp3 blog.

In terms of your question, I highly recommend his Defibrillators Mix found in the 'Loose Tape' section of the blog.
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'Reverse Psychology' by Bullfrog. Its actually kind of a anti dance song.
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"What's Golden" by Jurassic 5.
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one block radius's "Look Out Below", available for download from their website.
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Check out "Backyard Betty" by Spank Rock. It's a bit "dirty," though.
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The Herbaliser & Jean Grae - "More tea, More beer."
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I've found countless songs and, hence, albums by streaming beatbasement while I'm at work and looking up the songs I like when I hear them. Almost entirely underground songs which you should be able to find via P2P or, my preference, purchasing from sandbox. Unfortunately, I can't give you any specific songs as I'm awful at associating names to the actual song for some odd reason, however, I'll second K-OS and J5; somewhat obscure but there may be some recognition depending on what circle of friends you keep. Gift of Gab is in the same vein but has had a number of beats show up on national adverts (Diet Coke, I think?).
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Not really underground, but "Get By" by Talib Kweli is great.
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Here is a mix by siik which I think should float your particular boat.
Or try and seek out some Edan The DJ Mixes, great Old Skool-ness
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"Bonita Applebaum" by A Tribe Called Quest.
Also, the video is cool.
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holy calamity by handsome boy modeling school (in fact there album so how's your girl is damn good for that)

and just about anything by Deltron.
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