Looking for a medical education article on coaching learners
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This article had nice tables with specific examples of what the learner and the coach should ask each other. The tables were blue. The paper followed some type of model for mentorship of a learner. There are so many articles on coaching in academic medicine. I cannot find the specific one that I read. The key thing is finding a paper where there are very specific examples with verbiage supplied instructing readers on exactly what to say
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Best answer: Perhaps it's the AMA's Coaching in Medical Education handbook? Link to download the pdf here. Includes blue and white tables of various content, and if it's not that exact document, perhaps it's one of the links from the references or appendix.
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Best answer: I'm actually going to recommend (gasp) AI for this (but it is not generative, LLM-type AI). Research Rabbit is an AI-powered network graphing tool. Basically, you seed it with a few papers similar to the ones you want, and it will then use citation data to pull in similar research. It will take some doing to go through all the possible suggestions to find the one you are looking at, but unless you have more information about that specific article, it might be your best shot.
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Response by poster: Thank you! went into a rabbit hole looking at the citations from the AMA handbook as well as Research Rabbit. Didn’t realize how many papers have blue graphics.
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