Give me your favorite plus-sized exercise tops with full compression!
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Seeking some new workout clothes with some specific criteria.

Back in the day (circa 2010ish), I had two white sports bra tank tops that were high compression sports bras, but were full-length tops and had compression for a belly as well. This was great, because everything felt, well, held-in and it made running much more comfortable.

Now, I'm trying to get back to exercise after a fairly severe knee injury, and want to treat myself to some new workout clothes. My old tanks have long since bit the dust, but it doesn't seem like there is much out there that fits the bill. Here are my asks:
- Fits 2X-3X
- Strong compression for the bra at a minimum
- Machine washable (and preferably dryer friendly but I can adapt on that)
- Available in neutral colors, prefer no patterns.
No upper limit for price.
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Girlfriend Collective has sports bras at high and medium compression levels and stretchy tanks, available in a range of solid colors and up to a 6X. The fabric quality is really smooth and lovely. I machine-wash and hang dry.
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Maybe ?

I haven't tried their tops but like the sports bras.
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I feel like the best solution is to separate the two things: great, compressive bra + high-compression shirt. I don't have a shirt recommendation, but I am a fan of the Enell Sport high-impact bra. Yes, it is hella ugly, but it works.
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