Seeking Recent Songs About the Specific COVID Pandemic Experience
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While many artists released "here’s how to wash your hands" songs in March/April 2020, I’m interested in work that explore specific experiences: what it was like to be an "essential worker" or coping in a nursing home or trying to teach your kids or getting sick (and not healing) or missing your co-workers or never wanting to see another human being again. I did enjoy your answers to DirtyOldTown's Quarantine Blues question back in June 2020. So, what's new?

I've found There must be more.
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Epiphany by Taylor Swift
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I have an ongoing collection!

Housefyre - Briggs and Tim Minchin in April 2020, singing amongst the bushfires of that summer and the uncertainty of covid lockdowns in Australia and New Zealand.

The Fleas - Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass, from early-ish 2020, begins "I never thought the apocalypse would be boring"

Frank Turner also sings about moving out of the city during Covid in "Little Life" and missing playing live shows in "The Gathering"

Likewise, Don McGlashan's song "The Lights Come On" is about missing playing to a live audience.

Amanda Palmer's New Zealand Survival Songs, released this year, singing about how she accidentally ended up living in small-town New Zealand at the start of 2020 while her marriage broke apart.
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This is more maybe 2021 era, but Gabriel Kahane has a wonderful song about his grandmother’s funeral.
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I love Jensen McRae’s Immune, which is about hooking up with your friend while waiting in the car at a mass vaccination site.
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All the Colours of You by James has both the title track referencing the isolation of quarantine and Recover, which is about the death of the lead singer's father in law from Covid
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Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie wrote a song called Life in Quarantine pretty early on after lockdowns started. Definitely captures a time and feeling!
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NoWhere To Go (QUARANTINE LOVE) by Snow tha Product is an early-in-the-pandemic work about coping with the quarantine and upsetting news with the one you love.
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Quasi: “Doomscrollers

Cheekface: “We Need a Bigger Dumpster
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Love Will Work It Out, Durand Jones & The Indications... if you consider being a musician essential work. Either way, it's a great track.
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Everyone should be listening to Tourist Activities - Wrong Side. It’s not at all about what you asked for, but it is awesome and about being trapped with someone.
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The Marsh Family of Faversham, England have an extensive playlist commenting on Coronarama in their jimjams - Have the New Jab etc.
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Bo Burnam’s Inside was a whole musical comedy show filmed in the heart of the early pandemic, and many songs on the album reflect parts of the experience.
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Ondara's Tales of Isolation is a whole album on the theme.
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Buffalo’s own Tyler Westcott has several versions of his wonderful song, “When Lockdown Lifts”, on yt.
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David LaMotte had two clearly COVID songs on his 2022 album Still:
Here For You (stay at home times)
Coming Alive Again (getting vaccinated)
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Sweatpants People by Nick Aives is part of a compilation called Golden Sounds of Covid-19
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My Love - Florence + the Machine
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Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing) by Fred Again
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I recently saw a show at Union Pool in Williamsburg by Americana artist Queen Esther, who performed songs from an album she recorded called Rona and I was blown away. The song When I See You Again reminded me that there was a time when I wondered if I would ever be in the same room as my friends again.
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Absolutely Bo Burnham’s Inside. I watched it when it came out and found it so upsetting - we were still actively isolating at the time and it was just too close to home. It’s funny and iconic to me now with a little more space and time.
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Ratboys - The Window is about the singer's grandfather having to say goodbye to his wife through a nursing home window due to pandemic restrictions.
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On the lighter side, Pat McCurdy put out a record of nearly all pandemic-related songs: Now is Not the Time for Sad Songs: A Pandemic 2020 Souvenir

A favorite of mine on the record is Six Feet Apart. which he describes as a "cheesy little pandemic waltz."
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Canadian electropop duo Chromeo did a whole EP about this: Quarantine Casanova. My fave is "Stay in Bed (And Do Nothing)".
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Grant-Lee Phillips — Cannot Trust The Ground (and the whole album it's on, to a certain degree).
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I think the OP probably meant to link to the thread they mentioned, but got a YT link instead. So here are those.
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It's instrumental, but Kaki King's Can't Touch This or That or You or My Face is, at least in part, about the pandemic experience.
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For the second time both today and in my life, may I humbly offer one of the songs off my last album, about how Facebook displaced actual friendship interactions even more intensely than before, and how it was not optimal: The Troy Westfield Experience - Soap Box
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