Chemical exfoliant body wash?
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I've been using an Aveeno scrub in the shower and it has clogged my drain. I'm looking for a body wash with a chemical exfoliant. Do you have one you like?

I'm mad because this scrub got rid of those little bump things, and Aveeno is cheap and fragrance free. (I need fragrance free as an old). Not wanting to use the exfoliating mitts because I can't do laundry frequently. Thanks!
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Not a chemical wash sorry, but this lotion works well for the bumps.

Also I know you mentioned no mitts, but I have these korean scrub gloves that are basically plastic that I just rinse out in the shower, I'd never think to wash them. I just replace them when they start to fall about.
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Seconding the scrub gloves.
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Cerave SA has both a body wash (with salicylic acid) and a lotion; both work great for Keratosis Pilaris (which is what I assume your bumps are).

I second the Korean/Italy towel. I’ve never put one through the wash. Granted, I live in the desert, so maybe things air dry nicer here. They are so affordable that you could toss them after 1 or 2 uses, although that seems a bit wasteful and would still add up. I only need to use it 1x/week.

On edit: I’m actually talking about something different than the above two people who mention scrub gloves, maybe. I’m talking about this: link
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Oh, and I wanted to share that I think a lotion with a chemical exfoliant is more effective than a body wash with a chemical exfoliant. The lotion remains in contact with your skin longer, but is still so mild that it doesn’t typically irritate most people’s skin.
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Another vote for Cerave SA. Great for keratosis pilaris, ingrown hairs, etc. - but if you want to get that scrubby feel, hot steamy shower + a Korean scrub glove/towel will do it, then follow up with a good exfoliant lotion for long term results.
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I’ve been using this Naturium body wash with glycolic acid and I think I notice smoother skin and fewer bumps compared to regular body wash. I do use a scrubby washcloth too.
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I have no idea if this would work for you but... I mix up honey and plain white sugar into a thick, crunchy paste and use that as an exfoliant in the shower. It dissolves in water so shouldn't clog your drains and it leaves my skin very smooth and soft. Maybe worth a try since it's cheap and easy?
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Response by poster: I think you're right about the lotion and you've convinced me to try the mitts, too. Thanks, all!
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I didn’t have luck with the Cerave SA lotion everyone is recommending but I’ve found lotions and toners with glycolic acid to be relatively effective, at least when I remember to use them. I particularly like the iHerb Instanatural 7% glycolic acid toner. But mostly I’m just posting because I am also very interested in the original body wash question and hope people post more recommendations for those!
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I'm going to suggest a Korean exfoliating scrub towel -- not mitts. These are long towels made of nylon (usually) that are wonderfully exfoliating -- more importantly (to me!) I can use them to wash the middle of my back without contorting (not possible with mitts).
To wash - I add a squirt of body wash (or scuff it in some hand soap) and use it all over my body. A simple rinse in the shower cleans it, then hang dry. If I'm traveling and need it to be drier, then I can shake most of the water out so that it can be packed.

They do become softer and less exfoliating after a few months of use - the old ones make to my house cleaning supplies.

I don't have a good online suggestion as I've only ever bought them from a store -- and the experiences have been different.
The ones I can get from HMart or an 88 have the right scratchiness. I've tried natural fiber exfoliating towels from HMart -- prettier -- but not very exfoliating after using the nylon versions.

When I've bought them from an American store like Target or the old Bed and Bath, they were softer and did not exfoliate well.
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