How to monitor for sales/auctions of a super-niche comic print?
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I love the comic Nancy and I want to buy this print of Nancy and Sluggo, which was made as a numbered series of 100 by Ernie Bushmiller back in the 1970s for a charity. There's one on eBay, but seemingly none other out there. Is there a way to set up an alert for when this exact print comes to auction or is offered for sale?

The last auction price I can find was $150, and the eBay seller wants $1000 (a series of offers didn't work out). That's too rich for me both in comparison to last sale and for my own budget. Short of just constantly googling, is there an alert I can set up somewhere? Or if you are a great art googler, are there other copies out there that I just can't find?
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you can save a search on ebay and get alerts by email whenever a new item matching your search term is listed.

etsy also has a saved search function but it's not quite as robust in that you don't get alerts when
a new listing hits your saved searches- you just have to go to etsy and click at your shared searches
when you think of it.
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You can do this through Heritage Auctions (I don't believe you have to give them any financial information up front, but it's been a couple of years since I registered.)

They've only had one for sale in the past 5 years (it went for $100ish), but you may get lucky.

I would also trust Heritage far more than an eBay seller. It's worth signing up for an account just in case another shows up.

(I have only made one purchase through Heritage and it was for quite a bit of money for me -- less than $1000 but still a significant sum -- and I had no worries throughout the entire process. The only hiccup was FedEx delivering it without the required signature but that wasn't Heritage's fault at all.)
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