How Do I Find Students I Can Teach to Read Good
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I'm a trained reading tutor in Differentiated Reading instruction. I'd like to freelance. How do I find students?

For the last year, I've been teaching students reading skills in a Differentiated Reading Framework. I can teach a child read from scratch, even if they don't know their ABCs. I would like to work for myself. What's the best way to find students, and what platform is the best for this pursuit? How much can I charge?
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Try talking to someone at your local public library. I know ours has homework help programs and there are always parents there looking for more tutoring for their kids.
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Best answer: There are companies that make money matching parents and tutors. I know someone who signed up for one for a while. You would need to look carefully at their reputation and how much they take for their services to see it would be worth it. Any easy to find them is to a search on 'find a reading tutor" and see who pops up.

Also, I know someone in a different field with similar issues who did really well using Google adwords. It took a little experimenting to find the right key words but she was happy with the cost/lead, especially since she could set a maximum budget per month. When she needs clients she turns it on and gets good leads and when she is full she just turns it off again. If it works for you, it would probably cost far less than using a service that takes a cut out of payment.
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Some local community groups on social media permit self posts. Also community bulletin boards still exist. Have a website and an updated Linked In profile. If you are doing tutoring in person, the rates you can set will be determined by your local area.
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