How many homeruns does Albert have to top in May?
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Ever since Pujols beat the MLB record for most homeruns in April, I've been wondering what the current records are for all the other months.

Basically, in a regular season, who had the most homeruns of all time by the end of May? June? July? August? I'm guess September would be Bonds... probably August too, but I'd loved to be proven wrong.
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Best answer: The bottom table, maybe?

Not sure how up-to-date it is!
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Response by poster: Thanks brad! That's exactly what I was looking for. For those of you who were curious:

Most through May 31st
Barry Bonds - 28 (2001)

Most through June 30th
Barry Bonds - 39 (2001)

Most through July 31st
Barry Bonds - 45 (2001)
Mark McGwire - 45 (1998)

Most through August 31st
Barry Bonds - 57 (2001)

Most through September 30th
Mark McGwire - 70 (1998)

I wonder if I should put astericks by all of Bonds' records?
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You seem to be asking 2 questions:

1) most homeruns in April
2) most homeruns by the end of April

Was the title question just a slip, or do you still want an answer to that one too?
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I wonder if I should put astericks by all of Bonds' records?

According to some, you might as well also do McGwire while you're at it.
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misterbrandt: I thought that too, but at any rate - the table second from the bottom of brad!'s link shows the answers to number 1. :)
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