Help me share these exibits.
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Please help me find or make this exhibit large enough to read.

I would like to share this exhibit, and the related documentary, online (perhaps through a popular community weblog), but there are only five pictures online (, and the panels are too small to read, unless there is a way to embiggen them that I don't know about. Your help is appreciated.
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Those 5 pics on the website are it?
Sorry. Despite what they show on CSI, you can't take tiny, blurry, pixelated type and make it readable.

Your best bet is to track-down the original photos of the panels. I have to think they started life larger than the tiny, low-resolution images on the website.
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You can sort of make out some of it if you squint.
The first page, right under "But What About Us?":

Nearly 132,000 South Carolina children are (something) in the (something) public school...

...which leads me to this page. Where the intro bit says:

Nearly 132,000 South Carolina children are enrolled in the 36 public school districts represented in the adequacy of funding lawsuit, Abbeville vs. State of South Carolina.

At a guess, I'm going to say that the copy for the first page is going to be verbatim what's on that background page. That doesn't help you with the photo captions though.
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Is there some reason you can't contact the site owner aand explain what you want to do? I'm sure they'd appreciate the exposure.
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Response by poster: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Nope, that didn't work. Anybody else?
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You say finding it is an option. There's a link to host the display, and on that page, an email. Though you may not have the $250 to host it, they presumably still would have the original scans. And you probably would need permission from someone first before reproducing it online. That would be my first step.
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Response by poster: Here was my solution. I walked over to where the exhibit is being hosted on my lunch break, took pictures of the exhibit with my digital camera, uploaded them to an image hosting site, made sure the copyright holder didn't mind, and viola. Thanks for y'all's input. Sometimes knowing that there is no technological solution to a problem is just what you need to get you considering other alternatives.
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