Therapist for neurodivergent academic task/schedule management?
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I need help finding an online therapist familiar with neurodivergent adult women (ADHD, autism) + able to help with task/schedule management for the particular weird demands of my job (university professor; choice of tasks largely self-directed). Seeking links to specific therapists, or directories only focused on these areas (not things like broad directories that offer filters for “autism” and “ADHD”).

* An expert who can look at what I’m trying and ID what isn’t working, and help with an initial deep clean of my work task list
* Familiarity with autism (and how it can look in women!), as one of my issues is an autistic over-production of written text (recording too many ideas for possible tasks)
* Familiarity with academic professional careers (research goals, I largely choose the what-when of my work tasks)
* Able to help someone who's already done much reading and experimentation with various task/PM systems

*Not* seeking:
* I’ve exhaustively researched and experimented with different task/project management approaches, so not looking for recommendations of those.
* I already have a good therapist for general mental health things.
* Keywords I’ve searched include occupational therapy, academic/career/exec dysfunction coach
* Broad directories that offer filters for “autism” and “ADHD”

Thanks very much!
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Best answer: This might be helpful

The goal of this directory is to help connect neurodivergent clients with neurodivergent therapists (licensed therapists, counselors, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists). The directory lists individual providers and group practices who identify as neurodivergent and offer affirming services.
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Best answer: Julie Skolnick does consulting for 2e (“twice exceptional,” gifted + some flavor of neurodivergence). I spoke with her for a 20 minute free pre-consultation and ultimately didn’t continue because it’s pretty expensive, but I may revisit some time this year.

Not long after being diagnosed with ADHD I worked with a different coach for a while - she was great at talking me through my task list and prioritizing for me, but I had hoped to learn how to do that for myself. In effect, she served more as a virtual assistant than a coach. It was still somewhat useful, but not what I was hoping for.
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Best answer: I have not found what you're looking for, but if you'd like to exchange experiences with a fellow autistic (but not ADHD) woman university professor, please feel free to MeMail me.
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Best answer: My wife is in exactly the same position and has great success working with Jon Thomas.
He has also written a book called Thriving at the Edge of Chaos that she’s found very helpful.
Feel free to memail us as well if you have questions.
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Best answer: Also very interested in this, for the same reasons. I also haven't had much luck, but you're not alone.
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Best answer: This is a directory from ADDitutude magazine, which I learned about from the doctor who diagnosed me with ADHD.
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