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I am having difficulty finding good resources for planning a Hokkaido vacation. Any recs or feedback on my itinerary?

All the books I’ve found have a very small Hokkaido section and the internet has just been all over the place so I’ve been trying to shift through blogs. It’s very frustrating.

This is a late June trip with a five year old and a couple of adults. I heard how hot it can get so I shifted our Japan trip to Hokkaido for perhaps 7-8 days. I’m open to thoughts on the drive and also food or hotel recs! Also on thoughts if these sites are worth the drive, we’re from the US.

* Day 1: Shin-Chitose Airport (land 3pm) → (Rental car)→ Jigokudani (1 hour drive) Hell Valley, onsen ryokan
* Day 2: Lake Toya (1 hour drive) kayak, hike, or cruise
* Day 3: Stop by Niseko (44 min drive) short hike, gondola ride → Cape Kamui (1.5 hour drive)
* Day 4: Stop by Ogon and Shakotan → Sapporo (2 hour drive)
* Day 5: Furano (1.5 hour drive) + Biei (42 mins) + Shikisai-no-oka (12 mins)
* Day 6: Daisetsuzan National Park (1 hour drive)
* Day 7: Daisetsuzan National Park (either overnight or drive to stay near airport)
* Day 8: Shin-Chitose Airport (2.5 hour drive)
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As an American Japanese speaking person with a Hokkaido accent, this question about Hokkaido travel in the summer months truly warms my heart!!!

I am biased, as i was an exchange student there in high school, but the lovely town of Asahikawa is missing from your list, and you're so close to it. With a 5 year old, you might really enjoy the Asahiyama zoo, and the Ramen Village. I dream of the ramen village

Are you staying in Noboribetsu for the first couple nights? I remember that as being Really magical, and Furano during the summer time as well for the flower fields. Alas, I have no good hotel or restaurant recommendations because it's been a minute, but

I was in London over the summer and picked up a bunch of Hokkaido Travel brochures at a place called Japan House. Your profile says DC, and i am wondering if there might be a japan society type of place that might have a good regional travel brochure collection? just a thought. Regional Japanese Travel info in english is better in brochures than online.

Anyway, Here's the links from some of the brochures that had QR Codes, and memail me if you want and i am happy to drop them in the mail to you if you want that real paper feeling (obviously the best brochure from the hokkaido noboribetsu toya tourism area council has no link whatsoever)

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Response by poster: Thanks so much!! I did not think of those other sources, which will be helpful. I’ll check the links and will reach out if I’m missing the real brochure. :) so appreciate it.
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Hokkaido exchange student forever- hope you have so much fun, and happy to ask my host sisters that i am still tight with 20 years later if it's helpful- they too would be delighted to help a possibly hokkaido enthusiastic family looking for good time destinations with kiddos that age :)
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