How to get hold of 'it's not carpal'
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Is there anywhere online, mail order or in the UK that actually has 'it's not carpal tunnel syndrome in stock? Or another way to get hold of it?

I've had the bugger on order from Amazon for ages and don't know if it will even turn up. A couple of other sellers have listed it in stock, then said it was unavailable.

I'm in a rush 'cause I need to know what to do about work while I'm recovering.
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[I work in healthcare administration.] Start with Waterstone's in Gower Street 020 7636 1577. Their medical department is extremely comprehensive. (Make sure you speak to the medical department directly as their computer inventory doesn't always match the shop floor.) Next try the BMA bookshop (not just for members): your book is listed but note the following:
We carry a wide range of stock, but inclusion of a title on this website does not guarantee that we have a copy on the shelf - some titles have to be ordered in from the publisher before despatch. Publishers typically take around 10 days to supply us with these titles, but this can vary considerably. The 'availability' status on the website is the latest information we have from the publisher regarding their stock (eg. In Print, Not Yet Published, Out of Print). Please e-mail us or telephone if you require more informaion about expected delivery time for a particular title.
You may find that you can't get hold of the book through any UK bookshop. (My bookshop summer-job experience taught me that though certain wholesalers/publishers may be listed on the ordering system, in practice the shop won't be able to deal with that supplier.) Your book is published by SIMAX which seems to have been created specifically for publishing that book. Why not contact the authors directly - they created a website to go with the book. Bear in mind that if a book's difficult to get hold of, there'll be others which are more popular and might turn out to better suit your needs.
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Thanks for that. Nothing at Waterstone's, I'll see what Haddicks say tomorrow.

Unfortunately, it does seem like this is the very book I need. I will try emailing the authors as well.
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There's a Buy It Now copy currently on Ebay
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AbeBooks claims to have a copy. But they've lied to me before. Found via Froogle.
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