Clips on door of empty apartment?
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What are the slightly creepy metal clips on the door of this (empty?) apartment?

Last night I noticed four (what look like) clips on the hollow steel front door of the apartment next to us. Two on the bottom edge of the door, about two feet apart and six inches in from the sides, and two the same on the top edge.

They're flat, strong pieces that look like they're made of steel, they're about three inches wide and protrude between the door and the frame about the same amount. I can see that they curve up around the top and bottom of the door, they fit closely where they go into the door frame, then they curve away from it at about 45 degrees. The end of each is rounded. The door opens inward, so it's recessed in the frame.

I believe that this apartment has been empty for a while, but the "clips" only appeared in the last few days. This is in a middle-income 1960's high-rise in the DC area. So what might they be?
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Are they anti-pry guards designed to prevent a burglar from wedging a prybar between the door and the frame? (Pictures would be helpful.)
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It is the outside, but I'm pretty sure the apartment is empty, and these things are heavy duty! They also stick out into the hallway at an angle, not a lot, but enough to make it the rack explanation seem unlikely.

I'm going to try to get some pictures.
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Any chance of a picture?
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Photos would help, yes, but this sounds like a heavy-duty laundry bag. Some of my friends in college had a laundry bag that clipped to the door; the portion of the clips that showed to the hall were about 3" long and maybe showed 1/2" under/above the door. They clipped to the top and bottom of the door, two clips each. I looked for a link to an example bag, but I can't find one. Sorry!
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The woman at the front desk says that she doesn't think the apartment is empty. So they very well may be clips for a laundry bag or rack. Ah well, less mysterious than I thought.
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