Hitchen's new fashion/political statement?
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Does anyone know why Christopher Hitchens is wearing an Indian Flag on a lapel pin on his jacket?

I just watched Hitchens giving a talk on c-span (4/20/06, Goethe Institute, Washington DC, Cspan2, topic=WWII). He has a pin on his lapel, what seems unmistakably to be a small metal flag of India.

I know that intermittently in the past he has argued that the US should be siding with the world's largest democracy rather than with Pakistan, in terms of US foreign policy; but it seems odd to be wearing a pin, and I dont know if there's any connection between the two things there. I was wondering if something happened recently that caused him to start wearing a pin, and what the significance of it (according to him) might be.

A quick google search on my part has produced nothing.
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Don't assume too much on searches. A Google search on hitchens lapel-pin show a number of hits indicating he is wearing a Kurdistan Flag. It does look a lot like the Indian flag, though.

Here's one of the better links making the connection in his own words (3/4's the way down), although I revised the search to Hitchens lapel flag Kurdistan after learning what flag it was.
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yes, that must be it! I know he is very involved in the kurdistan movement. They do look similar (I had searched on 'indian flag', therefore didnt find anything).
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