cookin' up a birthday gift
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Seeking recommendations for cooking classes in or around Oakland.

A friend is celebrating a birthday soon and I'd like to buy her a gift certificate for a cooking class. She's in Oakland and doesn't go into San Francisco all that often, so offerings in the East Bay are a plus. She enjoys vegetarian, Thai, Indian, and Japanese food; she's good in the kitchen, so hands-on classes are preferred over demonstrations. Any suggestions for classes/schools you've enjoyed or heard good things about (or would avoid) are appreciated.
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Thai cooking in Oakland, I know people very happy with it. I believe it's difficult to get into at times because of the popularity.
posted by kcm at 6:24 PM on May 7, 2006

Many people have recommended that Thai cooking class to me. It really sounds awesome.
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The Sur le Table on Berkeley's 4th street has regular classes - lots of basics like knifework, poultry, dressings, baking, etc. However, I think Thai cooking classes would be more fun!
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Kcm has the right of it. I took the class, actually recommended it to him. It's well worth the investment and scheduling.
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Response by poster: The Thai classes sound amazing (I'd love to take off for a week and fly up there myself!). The Sur le Table website seems to indicate that they are offering classes in one of their S.F. stores but not at the Berkeley location (I'll call to verify); the Maiden Lane location offers a great mix of classes to choose from.

My thanks to everyone for the wonderful suggestions!
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