Please help us find a book title
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Thank you, kind MeFites. Long time lurker, first post. Please help me help a dear family member find the title of a children’s book. I have searched MetaFilter and the Internet with no success.

This children’s book was read in the 1970s. The book had black and white illustrations, but possibly more text than illustrations. It featured a group of mice, one of whom was generously proportioned. The mice may have been on a quest, trek, or adventure of some sort. The generously proportioned mouse would break into a “cheese dance” whenever he encountered or thought of cheese; he would be so overcome he could not help himself but to dance.

I immediately thought of The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper, by Jean Van Leeuwen (irrelevant to the Ask, but I have very fond memories of this title). I found other books by this author, but none of them ring a bell for the searcher. I am not currently able to access copies of any of the texts for the searcher to read.

Any thoughts, dear people of MetaFilter?

Thank you!
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The Rescuers?
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I am also wondering if it’s one of the books in the Miss Bianca series. I read a lot of them (Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines is the best one in my 10 year old opinion) and they definitely had mostly black and white illustrations. There are multiple mice - a mouse who loves cheese is ringing a vague bell.
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Best answer: The Great Cheese Conspiracy by Jean Van Leeuwen appears to have a character called "Fats" who does a cheese dance
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Best answer: The Internet Archive has a borrowable copy of the Great Cheese Conspiracy, if you want to check the illustrations with your family member.
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