Los Cabos ideas for milestone anniversaries
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Two couples are celebrating milestone relationship anniversaries in Los Cabos (Baja California, Mexico) after Christmas up to 1st week of January. Looking for recommendations for day trips, places, restaurants, and activities. The last question about Los Cabos on AskMe was in 2018.

  • Two cis hetero couples, one celebrating their 50th and the other their 10th wedding anniversaries
  • They are staying at a VRBO near the marina in the Pedregal area, and will have a car. Willing to drive around the area and explore other towns.
  • Spanish proficiency: one couple is fluent, the other is probably just a bit below advanced level (understand most things but not much practice speaking). That is to say, they are not limited to English-only activities.
  • They've booked a whale watching trip and a sunset sail, no other plans beyond that.
  • All with fairly good mobility, and can do easy to intermediate walks/hikes (max 4 hrs)
  • Their travel style is pretty chill - enjoy good food and drinks, and then read by the pool and take naps. They're not the type that need to hit all the top 10 spots on TripAdvisor. So smaller, less touristy, off-the-beaten path stuff would be cool. One couple likes dancing (salsa, merengue). They also like live music.
Open to both "This is cool for all tourists" and "This restaurant is perfect for their anniversaries" types of recommendations. Thank you.
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Flora Farms, if you can still get a reservation.
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Flora Farms also has an in-town restaurant called Outpost that is near your neighborhood.
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If you decide to drive to San Jose del Cabo one day, we had a truly lovely lunch at the Cafe de Lolita. I wouldn't say it's worth the drive to SJC just for the restaurant or anything, but if you're there and it's lunchtime...

The shopping in the tourist center of San Jose is a little artier and a little less touristy than in CSL. Not not touristy, but just a level above in quality (and price). If you like to buy souvenirs, it could be worth the drive for the better shopping.
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Flora Farms I found underwhelming vs. the hype.

Carbon Cabron is a nice steakhouse, not tied to a resort.

All the 5-star seaside resorts have lovely restaurants, many with gorgeous views. The Waldorf in Pedgral (potentially walking distance) has a gorgeous spot. We like the main restaurant at The Cape Thompson a lot.

The 4-star and below resorts often have pretty poor restaurants. Trust the reviews
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