Where to sleep/tent/car camp in Fredericksburg, Tx
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It's looking like I shall need a place to stay in or around Fredericksburg, Texas for about a month. I have a decent tent and can sleep in my car in an emergency. Budget is about 20$ a day, max

I would need at minimum bathroom facilities. Shower is a good perk. Indoors in my price range would be spectacular, but I'm expecting to camp or RV park. I've already maxed out the otherwise excellent Ladybird rv/campsite.

No backpacking or a long walk between the car parking and tent area please. Thank you!
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Can you join Planet Fitness or a similar gym with showers? I car camp in a Prius, and having access to an easy shower makes everything else simpler. Libraries have wifi, sometimes even overnight, also Panera, Starbux, etc. I have window covers, specifically, a dream tent that I set up inside the car when I stay in the car in a town, as well as a sunscreen that covers the front window and another cover for the rear window.
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Not a local, did some research. I'm guessing that HCCNC, a local group connected with multiple housing instability people/orgs, is on your radar already - perhaps there's folks with better targeted leads than global mefite diaspora. /r/fredericksburgtexas/ is pretty quiet, but perhaps austin or broader /r/texas subreddits might have more familiarity. 585$/month 1bd/1ba apartment with a 12 month lease if you're planning to stick around implies availability of potential sublets in that price range, e.g. this craigslist post or this one.
Luck and peace to you, I hope good days come soon.
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It looks like there are several RV campgrounds in the area beyond Ladybird Johnson, however most only have their RV prices up, not primitive camping rates-which also has access to their bathhouse with a shower, so you may need to call them individually about tent camping rates. Our family used to use Woodalls, however they were bought out by Sam something-or-other, just before the pandemic and it leans heavily toward RV/glamping with $$+ prices. Do a search on Yelp for camping in that location, check the reviews and start calling the listed phone numbers.
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Best answer: It looks like Enchanted Rock has tent camping with water for $20/night but if I'm reading it right that might be on top of the $8 daily entrance fee, and there are some multi-day closures coming up. If you have the cash up front you can get a annual park pass - $70 and it also includes a discount on camping (half price for every night past the first) that would make it more than worth it - the math works out to something like $12/night for a month.
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Best answer: there are tons of rv and camping places in that part of texas, most are gonna be private and thus not as cheap as, for example, a state park.

the tx state parks site allows you to search by amenity (showers, etc) and location so i would start there. alternatively, you can google "hill country camping" which is the name for that region of texas

you might also look at hipcamp, which is like airbnb but for private campsites/camping

a note about enchanted rock, just outside of fburg — it is a gorgeous park and it is also one of the most popular parks in texas, so it fills up quickly with day visitors (the park is small and they limit admission). so i would make reservations or just be sure you can get in

llano, about 30 mins n of fburg, has a nice city park along the llano river that allows rv and tent camping and is fairly cheap iirc
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