Chromebook exe file.
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Hi everyone; I just bought a Chromebook,and Im trying to open secure access on a Sandisk USB. I have always used Windows,so it was no problem to access this,with my p/w to see my pvt files. I have tried Crossover program-didn't work,Wine is way to confusing. All I want to do is open the secure access(pvt vault)on this USB. I found this app on Google Play,and Im uncertain if this will work. Thank you :)
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Best answer: You're best off using a Windows or Mac computer to run Sandisk Secure Access, open the vault, copy the files out, and then find a new ChromeOS-compatible solution for encrypting USB drives.

Sandisk Secure Access is only available for Windows and Mac (same goes for its successor, Sandisk Private Access).

WINE is the right way to try and run a Windows EXE on a Linux system, but as you say, it is very complicated and could be an uphill battle even for an experienced user. This person failed to run Secure Access in WINE. The app you link won't help, it just reads EXE files, it doesn't help you run them.

Fortunately, your Chromebook is encrypted, in case you decide to keep the files on it in future.
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Best answer: I don't think this is possible. As Klipspringer points out, Chromebooks are encrypted, so you can keep your files on it safely, otherwise if portability is key you will need to get an encrypted drive where the encryption is hardware- rather than software-based.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info. Still keeping the Chromebook :-)
Will need to use a Windows PC for this-I get it.
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