How can I shorten a video?
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How can I shorten a video? I have a youtube video, which I have downloaded as an MP4, that a friend of mine would really enjoy watching. Unfortunately, towards the end of the video, there is a thing they have a phobia of. How can I edit the MP4 to cut off the last few moments so that they never see [phobia thing]? I have iMovie, but don't know how to use it, I am also open to other options.
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Best answer: If you have iMovie I'm guessing you also have QuickTime - this is a pretty easy process with QuickTime, as detailed here: Trim a movie or clip in QuickTime Player on Mac.
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Google Photos can do this easily in a browser.
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Any video editor can trim videos. You simply click the scissor widget and where you scroll the last line to is where the new ending will be.
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