Mug-nificent cocoa recipes?
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I am in search of the best, most special, most indulgent homemade cocoa (or drinking chocolate) mix to package with homemade marshmallows for gift-giving this holiday season. Can you recommend one?
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Christopher Elbow's drinking chocolate mixes are incredible. Highly recommend the peppermint.
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Kenji Lopez-Alt's hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate mix I've had. I use (significantly) more mix than he suggests though in milk.
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Chocolat Moderne has some semi-adventurous mixes, if your friend is that way inclined. Me, I will always have a tremendous soft spot for the (dark chocolate) mix at L.A. Burdick.

For more work, Recchiuti has a recipe using its pistoles. (Never tried it, but they are generally very good.)
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Are you after recipes? If so, then malted white hot chocolate. I just put all the dry ingredients in a food processor and mixed until combined. Even better if you add some chai spice powder (random brand) before serving.
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I came here specifically to mention Burdick's, and am delighted praemunire beat me to it. I was lucky enough to live in Boston for a number of years, and they made the richest, thickest drinking chocolate I've ever had, perfect for frigid Northeastern winters.
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(The one in NYC used to offer a spiked more, alas. Crud, now I'm jonesing.)
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Why not home make the cocoa mix too???
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Jacques Torres Classic Hot Chocolate. At 25$ it’s twice the price of the bin of Starbucks hot chocolate I usually get at Costco. The Torres is the best, most indulgent hot chocolate- it’s what the Serious Eats recipe above is compared against.
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Response by poster: Are you after recipes?

Should have been clearer - yes, mostly looking for recipes, but as a bonus ask I'd also welcome suggestions of nut-free packaged cocoa for the allergy-friendly boxes that I'll also be putting together. No huge quantities so I'm fine with relatively spendy options.
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The plain hot cocoa from Equal Exchange, which is like $9 for a jar at Target. It gets poor reviews because its instructions say to mix it with water -- and when you do, it's not good. Mixed with milk (3tbsp of mix to 8 oz milk), it's the best cocoa I've ever had, chocolatey and smooth without being too sweet or rich. Drop the powder into a new clean jar with a handmade label; no one will ever know.

Note that I have not had the Jacques Torres, which is the gold standard! But I've had most other popular types.
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Years ago here in Baltimore there was a little cafe called Chocolatea that made the most heavenly drinking chocolate. My favorite there was the Mayan, which contained dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon, and was topped with an enormous housemade marshmallow. The consistency was pretty dense--deliciously so--and I understand that Mexican hot cocoa often does include some pieces of melted bittersweet chocolate. I think the cafe closed more than 10 years ago and I still crave it. Your post has inspired me to try to recreate it.
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