Looking for a PHP e-commerce store and a decent SSL certificate
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Looking for a PHP e-commerce store and a decent SSL certificate

Right the story goes, I used to do everything in ASP. I now have a dedicated php Linux server and I want to move all my new clients to it.

Im currently using CandyPress (www.candypress.com) ASP store, which does a great job. I need to find a similar store in PHP (no OScommerce). Regarding prices the cheaper the better. Ill need to be able to customise the look and feel to meet my design.

Jizo (www.jizo.co.uk) looked like my cup of tea but its still in beta. Does anyone know any similar ones what do the same or close too.

My dedicated server doesnt have a SSL certificate, do you know any cheap ones that work well. I got a quote of $20 from my other developer but that was with his asp host.

Im moving everything to PHP because I have found that Windows servers are more expensive in the long run.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Godaddy certs are cheap and as good as any others.
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I'll second Godaddy for a certificate.

Why are you opposde to OSCommerce, out of curiosity?

I'm told some people prefer ZenCart, but aside from those two I've been unable to find anything great out there.

If you're looking for specific recommendations on php based packages, it would probably be best if you elaborated on why you don't want to use OSCommerce, because that's what most people will end up recommending.
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Check out RapidSSL. I don't know if you can find certs for a better price. As for "e-commerce" software written in PHP, well... you have a very wide selection. Zen Cart looks decent. There's CubeCart, PHPCart etc.

Check out this link.
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I'm an experienced PHP programmer, I've settled on Zen Cart for a site I'm building, and I'll stick to it now, but I have to say I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

Can't comment on any others, though.
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www.cacert.org offers free SSL certificates, but their root CA isn't included in any browsers. I use it for my site (because I use SSL for my site admin and other private utilities), and it works out great. It'd be very good for testing and other QA type work before you dive into paying for certificates.
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