Trump trial coverage without politics?
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I find myself refreshing social media waiting for updates on the Trump trials. Is there a rss feed, newsletter, or website that posts daily updates on what happens across the multiple trials? I'd like to get my updates and log off, instead of having to assess and sort out all the other news and opinion.

Currently I refresh reddit multiple times and that's the main issue. But, I know I'm hungry for technical details and updates.

I quite enjoy Lawfare's podcasts but those aren't daily updates. Their web page is good but it doesn't have a live feed (that I've found).

I'm avoiding 🐦✖️ but Mastodon would work, or a website or rss fees or newsletter or substack. I gotta get away from the rest of political and social commentary.
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I quite like Serious Trouble, which is Popehat (Ken White) and Josh Barro talking about the actual trial strategy, how judges tend to think about these sorts of issues. My feeling is that there's a minimal amount of talking about the greater political situation. Like, they sort of have to acknowledge it, but they don't dwell on it and they don't tend to overstate how "Jack Smith DESTROYS Trump with BRUTAL ARGUMENT" like some podcasts and commentators do.
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2nding Serious Trouble. I'm a paid subscriber so I get full episodes I don't know what the free tier does.

They do some minor funpoking at people like Trump, but they stick to making fun of obvious idiocy, rather than making it explicitly political.
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There's a podcast called Prosecuting Donald Trump from MSNBC that does this really well. It's not daily, which I recognize was one of your requests though they do drop extra episodes when something big happens.

They are former DAs and Justice Department lawyers who have worked on big cases (think Enron) and they comment a lot on the legal strategies. They stay pretty factual, they're not laughing at Trump even when they're talking about what a horrible client he must be and what the consequences of his behavior might be. They do a lot of commenting on precedent (and on what's unprecedented in his case) and I feel like they keep me up on what's happening in the various cases, educate me about the law, and save me from wallowing in it every day.
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Response by poster: I'm good on podcasts, I'm looking for a news feed
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You might consider joining Threads and following your favorite legal eagles. That's pretty up to the minute, and can be as apolitical as you wish it to be.

Folks also post links to their Substacks there, and those might be great for you. I found Jay Kuo's "The Status Kuo" that way and recommend it.
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I'm following two Mastodon users, GottaLaff and Teri Kanefield, who are giving almost real-time updates on all of the trials.

They both lean anti-Trump but have been pretty even-keeled in their reporting. These two accounts alone give me more than I need during the day.
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+1 to to the Teri Kanefield on Mastodon recommendation. She approaches the narrative as a trial lawyer and is good at explaining the strategy behind the various legal maneuverings (including calling out when either side is playing a weak hand).
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Electoral Vote Predictor offers a daily roundup of news that might move the polls, including the Trump trials when something relevant happens.
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I like Adam Klasfeld on Twitter for this.
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Adam Klasfeld, as aforementioned, is livetweeting the events of the NYS business fraud trial, happening even as I type!

I enjoy the coverage at Above the Law, which is definitely snarky but focuses on the inside-baseball stuff. (They cover law-as-a-profession generally, there's a lot of "BigLaw bonuses are out, how much money do various associates make this year?" kinda stuff.)
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