Who is this professional golfer?
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Help me identify this golfer in one of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 PC game intro movies.

Who is the guy who bounces a golf ball off his club, then off his knee and foot (possibly in reverse order), then catches it and gives the EA sports slogan? I thought it was Sergio Garcia, but the guy in the intro seems to speak perfect American-accented English and I know Garcia is from Spain, thus I would expect him to have at least a slight accent. Thanks!
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I have never seen the video game, but I'm just going to throw a guess out there...Charles Howell III? He strikes me as the most Sergio-looking U.S. golfer...
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Best answer: I'm not familiar with the video, but Garcia definitely has a noticeable accent. Mike Weir (Candadian) maybe? Chris DeMarco? EA's site indicates that those were two golfers added for '06.
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Since it's from the PC version, is it possible for you to post a screenshot? It would make it a lot easier to figure it out...
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Weir is left-handed so should be easy to rule him in/out.
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Response by poster: It's got to be Mike Weir; it looks like him and, as mentioned, he's one of the new players in 2006 along with DiMarco, Ian Poulter, and Luke Donald, each of whom have an intro movie. Thanks all!

Oh, and I sincerely apologize to Mike and any Canadian readers for assuming he was American. ;-)
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