Footy pubs in PDX?
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I want to watch Arsenal win the Champions League final from a bar somewhere in Portland, OR.

I don't necessarily want to watch it at the Horse Brass, if I can avoid it (I will if I have to, I just find the atmosphere there to be a bit...flat), but I do want to watch it at a place where it's the focus of attention, and not just a show on one of the eight TV's in the sports bar while ESPN and CNBC blare on the other seven.

Is there another good footy pub in PDX, or am I limited to the Horse Brass? Neigborhood's not really an issue - I'll go anywhere that's worth going to in Portland.
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Fox Soccer Channel maintains a Soccer Pub Guide that allows you to locate soccer-friendly pubs all over the US.

I think Barca's going to win it, but it'll be a great game either way. Enjoy!
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Damn, it doesn't look like there is a listing of a place in Vermont for me to watch Arsenal kick Barca butt ;)

As usual I will be following along on soccernet's gamecast unless I can find a proxy server that will work to allow me to full Five Live or the like. Any suggestions for that scenario anyone?
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