Automated Cropping and Straightening
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Is there a freeware utility (PC) that takes in an image file containing a scan of multiple photos, then removes each individual photo, straightens, crops, and saves each photo as an individual file? Here is a sample if my description is unclear. It seems my photoshop 7 will not do it (although newer versions do).
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I don't know about a freeware option for this, but Photoshop Elements has a menu item that does all but the 'save' step.
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You could always use Slices in ImageReady. If you drag guides to the right places and do "Create Slices From Guides" then "Save For Web", images only, then you'll have roughly what you want. But it'll only do JPG/GIF/PNG I suppose.
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Thank you so much for asking this question. I had no idea Photoshop could do this; you've saved me hours upon hours of wasted future time...

(Sorry if that doesn't help you... this is one of many, many things the GIMP doesn't do.)
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