easy way to create shareable online wishlist?
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There used to be a thing where you could add any link to a shareable "wishlist" just by clicking the extension while you were looking at a site you wanted to add. It deprecated long ago. Has anything replaced it?

I want to create and keep a wish list of links to online items that my SO should get me as gifts. Not Amazon stuff. Indie shops and vendors.

What is the lowest barrier way to do this in 2023? I generally use Safari, could switch to Chrome if I had to. Not interested in doing it on a phone.
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watching this thread with interest.
best solution i have come up with is a tumblr blog devoted to stuff i want, and i post to it via their bookmark browser extension thing.
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Best answer: thingstogetme.com

I switched to this after Amazon wishlists stopped allowing external links. I use Firefox, and there's an add-on to add the page you're currently viewing to a list. Looks like they have Safari and Chrome extensions as well
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Honestly, I use Pinterest for this. It replaced a lot of depreciated or website specific bookmark lists for me, and you can make individual sections private or public.
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Best answer: I use the Pocket extension & app with a 'wishlist' tag to gather products I love. You can then share items to your public 'recommended reading' list, which can be accessed by anyone who has the link.
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My spouse and I use a shared Apple Note for this purpose. I tried to get her and her MiL to use a shared Safari tab but it wasn't adopted.
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Best answer: wishlistr.com is another one to check out. It's free and has browser extensions.
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