How do I set a snare drum to play quarter notes in GarageBand?
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The click track on GarageBand for Mac is quiet. I would like to set up a track of just a snare (or a cymbal) playing quarter notes. What’s the easiest way to do this?
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Best answer: You can add a drummer track, and then using the controls, remove the other drums from the drumkit and adjust the "kick and snare" settings to find a quarter note snare hit.

If that doesn't get you there, then you can hit command-k to open a virtual keyboard. You can use this to find the 'note' that corresponds to a snare sound. GB doesn't let you record to a drum track, but if you then create a keyboard track and record this 'note' for a measure, and then drag that audio region up to the drum track, then you'll get your snare hit. You can quantize this to be exactly on the quarternote, and then loop or copy/paste to expand this to the length of your song.
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