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I'm writing a story in which someone is tortured with drugs and need help figuring out their recovery. Details inside.

Setting: our world, roughly 2008

As the title said, I need help figuring out the trajectory of a person's recovery from torture.

Victim is male, early 30s, white, and in very good physical condition at the time of the torture. He's injected with tubocuracine and quinuclidynl benzolate, and then roughly two hours later, given a partial syringe of potassium chloride. He recieved almost immediate CPR (less than a minute later) and was airlifted to a very good hospital, but yeah, he was dead for a bit.

Thanks to TV Medicine, he recovers, but we don't get any details. Alas, I'm writing a fic set around that time period, so I need to have at least some idea. So. My questions.

- How long would he have been unconscious? Would it be logical for him to have been put in an induced coma for a while?

- How long would the hallucinations from the tubocuracine and BZ have lasted? His tortured had experience with drugs, so I'm assuming the doses were correctly calculated to prolong the torture. (The potassium chloride happened when the cavalry showed up to rescue him; I presume the torture was to go on longer.)

- I'm assuming the torture drugs will mean increased recovery time from the heart attack? Any complications I need to be aware of, or can I assume his recovery is pretty standard if long?

Thanks in advance for any info!
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You've not received any answers probably because these are such specific questions.

With my own writing research on these kinds of medical issues, I've had a lot of success asking a doctor or other specialist directly. They're often really intrigued by the premise.

Finding a specialised reddit sub can also work well.
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