Win XP - Some apps won't open files in root directory
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In certain applications I am unable to locate or open files via the menu tree within the application because my root (c) directory isn't displayed. In these applications, I can only open files which reside in either 'My Documents' (or any folders within it), or 'Desktop' I'm running Windows XP Professional SP2. TIA, Tim
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What applications? And, what's your question?
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Response by poster: Too many to mention (the majority). The question is, how do I fix this?!
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Have you tried opening the desktop from there? When I do that, can I drill down to My Computer, then my C drive. (This is on XP Home.)
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Not to imply that you are overlooking something obvious, but just in case...

When you use the open file dialog box, most windows applications default to the My Documents folder. But if you click on the little drop down box caret type symbol to the right of where it says "My documents" don't you see the entire directory tree structure? If not, what do you see?
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Right click on the Start icon at the lower left.

Left click on Explore.

Expand the My Computer line (if it's not expanded already).

Expand the C: line.
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Best answer: type in C: in the file name field. Hit enter, this should bring you to the c drive.
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you can also install tweakui and add c: explicitly under common dialogs->places bar
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Response by poster: "type in C: in the file name field"

This worked perfectly. Thank you.
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