Canon Pixma TS5320 Printer Not Working?
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Hi all, I recently purchased a Canon Pixma TS5320 printer (Wireless) and for some reason it keeps stating the cassette tray for the paper is empty or not correctly loaded, but I followed the instructions properly and it all seems all right to me, but nothing is working?
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How full is the paper tray? My Brother laser printer insists on a tray more than half full.
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I have a TS5320 and the paper tray is a huge pain in the gluteus maximus. You think it's in properly most of the time, and it's not. I'd recommend pulling the tray out, looking deep inside, and making sure there's no paper in the way before trying again.
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have you checked the manual's suggestions?
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I have to gently feed the paper into my Canon Pixma since something broke in the take-up mechanism. It makes the noise indicating it’s trying to take in paper and that’s my cue to gently push in the top sheet of the stack so that it can actually grab it.
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