Easiest Firefox translate add-on with the fewest clicks?
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Which Firefox add-on makes it easiest to translate a single word or short phrase with the least amount of additional clicks?

I could swear I used to have a Firefox add-on that would translate selected text if I just shift-clicked it or did some kind of simple keyboard shortcut. Alas, everything I've tried recently seems to want a command-click (requiring finding the translate command in a long list of commands) or a bunch of extra clicks (bring up a popup, choose a language, choose another language).

I would love to just use my keyboard to show the translation.

Is there a good Firefox add-on that recognizes the language of the selected word and easily pops up a translation without a lot of extra clicks?

(Translating long passages is a fine bonus, but for the purpose of this question, I want to translate single words or very short phrases.)

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I use To Google Translate. When enabled, just right-click on your selection and choose To Google Translate.
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I don't know if it's the simplest, but I am currently using Simple Translate. When I select any text that is not already in the configured target language, it displays a little button next to the selection, and if I click on it I get a popup with the translated text.
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What OS do you use? With Mac, you just highlight text and then right-click (or CTRL+click) and then choose: Translate "(highlighted word)" from the menu.
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TransOver. After configuration, I was able to hover over a word or highlighted text to get a translation. You can also set it to translate the other direction, too. It was very helpful when I was attempting to learn German!
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I use Firefox's own Firefox Translations add-on. It can translate an entire page, but if I highlight any text (word or phrases) on a webpage I can right click and select "Translate with Firefox Translations". This will open up a little screen showing the translation.
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