Books on the economics/finance of wine
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Hi Hivemind, I'm looking for books/articles on the economics of the wine trade. How is it financed? What do people who 'invest' in wine do? I've checked the Oxford Companion to Wine but found no details. Any help would be appreciated - from pop histories to obscure finance journals. Thanks in advance!
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Felix Salmon did a series on SWAG (silver wine art gold) as investments on Slate Money podcast. The wine one is here
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You will have seen BBC last month that France is putting €200million towards running wine out of vats making grape hand-sanitizer to keep the price of wine up.
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Best answer: At the top of the obscure journals list would be the Journal of Wine Economics, published by the American Association of Wine Economists, but there's also Wine Economics and Policy. For books, there's Wine Economics, the foreword to which was written by prominent wine economist Orley Ashenfelter. You could start with his short video on The Economics of Wine, and searching for "orley ashenfelter wine" will bring you to other articles and interviews.
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Not precisely what you're looking for but this podcast about scammers might be of interest:

Rudy Kurniawan is what’s known as a super-taster: He’s able to identify any wine simply by tasting it. He uses this extraordinary talent to gain influence and rake in serious cash, hosting extravagant tastings and auctioning off collectible bottles. But when wine aficionados start to suspect Rudy’s been lying, they’ll blow the cork off one of the industry’s juiciest scandals.
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