Where should I go on vacation??
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Thanksgiving week (the pre-Thanksgiving part): Sedona/Flagstaff or Charleston/Savannah?

We like the stuff most people like: nature and photography and hiking, and also cities, food, bookshops, beer, museums, etc. I assume Arizona is more of a nature trip and the southeast is more of a city trip. We are flying out of Chicago, and will have 4 full days plus ~half a day depending on when our flight home is. We'll rent a car and I like driving, so not super worried about having to drive from the airport or whatever.

The sort of ideal shape of a vacation day would be getting up to go do a thing, relaxing in the late afternoon, going back out again in the evening for dinner and maybe a drink. I do not stay up late and nightlife is not a consideration, aside from I like a brewery as much as the next guy. I'm a vegetarian, but I'll eat anything that's not meat.

So: what's better in late November? What's better for that length of time? Are there considerations I have failed to consider?? (Probably.)
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Hurricane season ends November 30th so while your chances are lower then, there are still chances.
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I would 100% choose the Arizona trip but that's because I love the Southwest and find it to be a more unique part of the US compared to the East Coast. You might want to look into hotel options, everywhere you mentioned is a popular tourist destination and accomodation options might be limited/expensive especially if there are any events happening. That might factor into your decision. Either place would be a fun trip!
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I'd choose Charleston or Savannah but not both. And I'd choose Savannah and stay in town, in the historic area if possible, and then walk around as much as you can for your daytime activity. I've had a lot of fun on a paid walking tour there. You can also drive out to Tybee Island for some nature.
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