What’s your favorite pumpkin product from Trader Joe’s?
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Yesterday, I visited Trader Joe's and was astonished to find the entire store brimming with pumpkins.

From fresh pumpkins at the entrance to a wide array of products like frozen pumpkin pies, ravioli, samosas, baked bread, bagels, butter, yogurt, ice cream, body butter, face masks, soap, snacks, beer, chocolates, and the list goes on………. While I adore the fragrance of pumpkin spice, the choices were really overwhelming.

Curious to know from all of you, what's your favorite TJ's pumpkin product that you've tried and enjoyed so much that you would highly recommend?
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The pumpkin bread/muffin mix is delightful (it’s deliciously moist, and the muffins freeze well too, so I always stock up this time of year.

And the Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies are maybe the favorite dessert we ever have in our house. I may have bought four boxes today….for two adults…to last us until we go to TJs again in two weeks…
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I actually really like their pumpkin cream cheese. It has a good flavor and isn't terrifyingly orange like a lot of the pumpkin offerings that come from the big name brands around this time of year.
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The autumnal harvest pasta sauce makes phenomenal stuffed shells.
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they have a wonderful pumpkin ravioli.

the pumpkin pie spice mix is excellent.

the pumpkin beer is gross.

the ice cream is really good.
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The waffles are pretty great. As is the ice cream.
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I'm really into the pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds
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Seconding the cream cheese. It's sooo good! Also the teeny tiny pretzels are delicious. Skip the pumpkin oat beverage.
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I will eat an entire jar of their pumpkin butter in a single day. I particularly enjoy it as a dip with sliced apples, but it also seems popular in a more traditional charcuterie context. I could straight up eat it with a spoon, though.
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The autumnal mac n cheese in the frozen section! I think it's technically butternut squash, rather than pumpkin, but it's delicious. (It's savory, not pie spice flavor.)
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They brought back the Pumpkin O's cereal this year, so stock on it while you can. (I've found that you're lucky if TJ's still has any Halloween stuff left past mid-October. Probably because they (understandably) don't want to be stuck with a lot of out-of-season product come November).
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If you also like vanilla, the vanilla pumpkin candles smell great and are a pretty good deal at $3.99.
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I like the coffee because there's no added sugar.

The mac and cheese is really good.

And the ice cream tastes like custard -- really good.
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