Who's a good optometrist near Seattle?
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I'm looking for recommendations for an optometrist near Seattle. More details inside.

I generally have very good vision. I'm in my 40s and have never needed corrective lenses before, but have started to notice I can't focus as close as I used to, and honestly I'm well overdue for an eye exam on a general health basis. I don't need glasses now, but they might be nice to have.

I'm in Seattle and I have a car, but bonus points if the office is accessible via public transit or walking/biking from the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Additional bonus points for small practices and/or those staffed/owned by marginalized folks.

I have medical/dental, but no vision coverage. I'm not terribly price-sensitive, but I'd like a good value since I'm footing the bill.
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Peter Adachi is in one union, at 6th/University, about 3.5 blocks from University Street link station. I've found him personable and competent, although I don't like the person he has that sells you glasses, ymmv. He's PoC
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> but I'd like a good value since I'm footing the bill.

Costco for the glasses, then.
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Seattle Vision Clinic in the ID is fantastic, is run by a family that’s well known in the Asian community locally, AND has a stash of awesome vintage frames. I’ve been going to them for years, highly recommend!!
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Dr. Kathleen Kinney on 3rd downtown.
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I have followed Dr. Sea from where she was before to Mercer Family Eye Care because she was such a good and meticulous optometrist. I never have sharper vision than when she has just determined my newest prescription. I just got new glasses last month and it turns out a handful of my bespectacled friends also go to her! They are straightforward about pricing and apparently don’t bat an eyelash if you want to take your prescription elsewhere for cheaper glasses, though I’ve never done so.
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Dr. Lee at Urban Optix in 400 Fairview in South Lake Union is kind, funny, warm, and conscientious, and the staff have always lived up to her example. I'm happy to recommend them!
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Davis Optical on University Way just south of NE 45th Street.
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I've gone to Bursett Optometry the last few years and enjoyed it. She's on the corner of Eastlake and Lynn, so pretty close to CH and buses.
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