Interactive toys to entertain an extremely high energy foster kitten
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I am currently fostering a single kitten and she is by far the highest energy kitten I've ever met. Looking for some toy ideas to help her get some energy out as a single kitten.

I know that having more than one kitten would be an easy solution to this so they could play together and entertain each other. However, sometimes I get kittens that need to be fostered individually for various reasons (quarantines, recovering from injuries, etc).

I try to play with her as much as possible with a variety of different toys to try to get that hunting energy out, but I think she needs more stimulation than I can provide during the work day.

I'm interested in seeing if anyone has suggestions (preferably first-hand recommendations) for interactive toys that a kitten (12ish weeks) could play with alone that would help get some aggressive energy out. Currently, the kitten has toy mice, several cat dancers, laser pointer, cardboard boxes, tennis balls, ping pong balls, little jingle balls, crumpled up pieces of paper. She is not particularly food motivated, so a food puzzle is unlikely to hold her interest.

She plays with all of these toys, but if I'm not available to play with her she resorts to attacking my feet or other more destructive behaviors we'd like to try to discourage. The reality is this kitten seems to need way more interactive play than other kittens I have fostered.
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Best answer: Hexbug mouse! My cat meows as soon as he sees it.
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This spinning butterfly toy was interesting to the very active cat of which I'm the godparent for a while, initially she was super fascinated. Combined with paper bags for locations to hide and pounce from behind. She did lose interest though, but probably could have prolonged by not keeping on for too long. And she still likes the butterfly attachments so it does still get used.
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This style of cat toy with balls + levels might work - she can keep it going herself (if it interests her).
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Variety helps, so put toys away, get different toys out every day. Hang a small item from a door knob, a feather, bottle cap, anything that can be batted at.
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I've had success with this roller circuit in the past.
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She needs an exercise wheel, but I think they're expensive.
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Can you take her outside on a harness? Nothing calms my wild cat down more than roaming around my backyard for a bit.
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Oh gosh these silly flappy fish: but put them far away from the bedroom or turn them off at night.
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Kitten? Lasers! Lasers! Lasers!
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Response by poster: I got the kitten a Cheerble Ball - a USB-charged toy that zooms around. So far she loves it and plays with it for hours. It looks like this company makes a bunch of neat interactive cat and dog toys.
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From what I've seen on YouTube, a roomba is a a cat toy par excellence for those who can afford one.
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