Studies options for a foreign medical doctor in Canada
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As medical doctor I want to follow some postgraduate studies related to health (good if in research) so I can be in tracks in two or three years

I excpect to go living in Canada next year, but as a medical doctor I can't work in there without an equivalence process. This process is relly tough, even if I pass all the exams of the mcc, getting a residency match in Canada is a little esier than flying to the moon for a foreign doctor.

So I want to follow some studies related to health (genetics, epidemiology, communotary medicine, etc..) so I can work in research field.

If you have any advice or if you have done something like this yourself, thanks to share with me.
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Did you have any area of special interest when you were in your medical program or your undergraduate career?

Take whatever it was you enjoyed the most, write your CV as honestly as possible to reflect your interest and then apply to post-grad programs in that field.

Where I work is a major medical school and graduate/post-graduate institution and I meet people in graduate and post-graduate programs all the time that were MDs before they got into the particular program they are in.

You might want to google "postgraduate studies for MDs". I came up with this story, which also bring up a great alternative. Nearly any clinical research lab would probably be happy to have you on board.
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Check out Medical Biophysics / Medical Physics / Medical Imaging at the universities you're interested in.

Also, the University of Toronto is associated with most of the hospitals in the city. For example, check Sunnybrook and Women's college They have tons of research (it's the largest hospital in Toronto).

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