Great bodyscan meditations?
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Looking for a longish (15+ minutes) guided bodyscan audio. I'd like one with a clear, calm voice and pauses built in for reflection. Don't want anything religious or woo, just someone guiding you through a scan of your body and its sensations. Ideally without a subscription, but happy to pay for a one-off. Do you have a favorite?
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I like the guided meditations by this person
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Headspace app has some nice guided body-attention relaxation scripts. I think it's free still.
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I am a big fan of Vidyamala, founder of Breathworks in the UK. She has free meditations available online. She is Buddhist (full disclosure: she is part of the community I practice with, though I've never met her). But much of her work is more secular mindfulness, MBSR, and working specifically with chronic pain. Two to try:

Body Scan Filling the Body with Light (20 min)
Compassionate Acceptance Body Scan (26 min)
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The free meditations at UCLA are always worthwhile and woo-less.
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Best answer: The audio recordings provided at Free Mindfulness Project are very good IMHO. Includes various durations of guided body scan.
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I like this one by Tara Brach although it's a little under 15 min.
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This one is my favorite and fits your description perfectly! It is around 30 min long Palouse Mindfulnesses Body Scan
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I really like yoga nidra, which relies heavily on body scans. This one by Ally Boothroyd is a favorite.
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I second the Palouse Mindfulnesses Body Scan, lovely calm voice and relaxing pace with zero religion and zero woo.
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I can recommend Thanissaro Bikkhu for the clear, calm voice, and the rhythm of reflection, if you're open to Buddhism. What I listened to sounded lucid and was useful. has a few guided meditations. YouTube has some body-focused Dhamma Talks: Full body Awareness, The Body from the Inside.
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Jason Stephenson has some really good ones, especially this and this one. He has a soothing voice and they’re not too woo, most of them.
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Leigh Brasington guides a longer, very granular and thorough body scan

If 50+ minutes is too long for one sitting, I like to just split it up in parts.

Leigh is copying his teacher’s style of body scanning, Ayya Khema.

Leigh’s book is also great
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