Where can I get the cartoon of Dr. Manhattan blowing Superman's head off?
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Back in CT in the 80s, while the comic series Watchmen was coming out, I saw a masterpiece of fan art on the wall of a friend's dorm. It was a postcard captioned "Superman vs. Dr. Manhattan" (roughly) and showed Superman pulling his fist back to deliver a mighty blow to Dr. Manhattan, who calmly pointed a finger at Superman's head, blowing his head off and spattering his brains in every direction. The overall anticlimactic effect was similar to the famous scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where a bunch of guys elaborately menace Indy with swords and he calmly pulls out a gun -- oh, you know the one. I'll give anyone who can tell me where I can find this cartoon, especially on the web, a million billion dollars.
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Don't know the cartoon, but it's Raiders of the Lost Ark, not Temple of Doom where Indy pulls out the gun. It's repeated in #2...and he doesn't have the gun.
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Wow, I've never heard of such a poster, but I'd love to see it
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Sounds more like the ending to the Ralph Bakshi movie Wizrds
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Is it possible that this "masterpiece of fan art" was the original?
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superman was not a character in the original, so that's not possible. wish I knew, though. sounds hot.
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I get the impression that this may have been a commission; i.e., your friend asked a friend in the Art Show portion of a convention or an actual profession artist to have this made to their specifications. If this is the case, it's quite likely a one-and-only.
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That's what I meant by the original.
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I asked my comics artist/comics genius extraordinaire boyfriend about this. He's the one who introduced me to "Watchmen" in the first place, so I figured he might have some idea.

But no. He had no idea.

He said that you may want to ask the good people of the LiveJournal community scans_daily. They pretty much know everything comics.
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