How to choose an online Mass. CSL Class?
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I would like to take an online prep course for the Massachusetts Construction Supervisors’ License exam while I am recovering from surgery in November. I’m finding the options difficult to compare because the websites are all about the same and don’t provide info about the actual course material. I own the required books but I need structure for how to use them to study.

My criteria for choice:

- fully online strongly preferred, though I could swing an in-person class in western MA in late Nov.
- asynchronous learning, no set class times. Part of my recovery will be in California so I will be in a different time zone and would prefer to set my own schedule.
- access to a real person instructor, email is fine, or if there are optional video class times to ask questions

Did you or someone you know take one of these classes? Would they recommend the one they took? Likely the classes are relatively similar to each other, but honestly the websites have sketchy vibes and I would feel better following a recommendation.
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