Where are the best digital media degree programs?
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Which schools do mefites recommend for "digital media" or "media design" studies?
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Are you looking for undergrad, or graduate?
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I'm interested in both graduate and undergraduate, U.S. and abroad; shopping curricula.
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I've heard the University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, has a pretty good multimedia department, which might be what you're looking for. My dad teaches there though, so I might be a little biased.
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I'm in school at Temple University in Philadelphia and their communications school has a pretty innovative New Media Concentration (which I'm highly enjoying).
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I got my BA in Digital Media from SJSU. Their CADRE program is fine-art oriented, but I did learn a great deal about digital media in general from going through the program, and it's located well for careers, being in San Jose and all. If you're looking for a more technical sort of program, it may not be the one for you, though.

They also offer an MFA in digital media.
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not sure this is what you are looking for... Wiki of Art & Tech programs
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I majored in history, but I was frequently impressed with both the courses and campus-wide events offered by the Film and Digital Media (undergrad) and Digital Arts and New Media (master's) programs at my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz. Both take a strong interdisciplinary approach, and I was always amazed at how people living in my dorm who were F&DM majors could hold a conversation on everything ranging from
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argh, I hit preview too soon. What I meant was, that of the Film & Digital media students that I knew, they were the ones I most enjoyed staying up until 2AM talking to.
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Georgia Tech has programs at ugrad, MS, and even PhD level (which is new, both for GT and for the field as a whole). They're through the School of Literature Communication and Culture.
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Savannah College of the Arts & Design.

Kaplan's Hottest Art College.
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For more techie stuff: MIT Media Lab and New School in NY
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I'm going to NYU's Interactive Telecommunication program in the fall. I'm pretty excited.
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Check out Full Sail at www.fullsail.com. Do you want to sit through a bunch of traditional classes? I don't think you do. Full sail gives you 1. Degreed courses like a B of Science 2. Hands on experience in the software & hardware your need to succeed. They also have a pretty good track record on job placement. If this industry is your passion check them out.
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Thanks all. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions.
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