Uncooperative domain name reseller
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If a domain name reseller (eg Lycos UK) is doing a really crappy job at the basics (letting you renew your own domains, letting you unlock your domain to transfer to another company, being contactable at all) is there anyone higher up to complain to to get something done? We're talking about a .com address here.
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The ICANN transfer dispute resolution policy would probably be good to read. But the whole DNS system is built in such a way as to allow domains to be basically held for ransom by registrars.
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You shouldn't even have to go that far. Get in touch with a real person there somehow and start talking about reporting them to ICANN, etc. Usually that does the trick.
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Transfer those urls out of there and go to someone like godaddy.com. I moved all of my urls from network solutions for that same reason and price. Good Luck!
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