Can you name this book?
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About 10 years ago, a friend of mine received a book as a gift. It was a series of (fictional, I think) love letters written between a man and a woman, but the book itself contained envelopes and letters written on different types of stationary and such. Kind of a multimedium format. I believe the title had both of the characters names in it. Does this really vague description ring a bell with anyone?
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Best answer: Griffin & Sabine, I think?
posted by Jeanne at 7:17 AM on May 3, 2006

Best answer: Was it the Griffin & Sabine series by Nick Bantock?
posted by Nedroid at 7:18 AM on May 3, 2006

This was actually a trilogy.
posted by orange swan at 7:18 AM on May 3, 2006

So close! I was so... close!
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Response by poster: That's it. Thanks! I tried the Google, but couldn't think of any good keywords.
posted by Roger Dodger at 7:20 AM on May 3, 2006

Actually, it was a tetralogy, swan.
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Response by poster: Actually... sextology?
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Be sure to check out the Egyptian Jukebox by the same author. It's a fantastic puzzle-in-a-book.
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griffin and sabine
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Man I loved those books. I had them when I was in college and we'd pass them around. There is something great about being able to take the letter out of the envelope and read it.
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Wow, not more than 2 or 3 months ago the orginal book crossed my mind.

I could remember receiving it as a gift, and thinking it was great, but I couldn't remember for the life of me where it was or what it was called. I'm definitely gonna be ordering me another copy ASAP.

This is why I love MeFi.
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Incidently, the book became a very cool CD ROM (released by Peter Gabriel's company). Sadly, it doesn't run on Windows XP so I have no way of enjoying it anymore.
posted by davebush at 11:41 AM on May 3, 2006

davebush, have you tried compatability mode? I've had a lot of success with it for older programs.
posted by fidelity at 12:48 PM on May 3, 2006

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