Explain the...theology?...world?... of Servant on Apple TV
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I have a question about the TV show Servant on Apple TV. This question will contain spoilers, right up until the very last moment of the show. If you have not seen the show and might someday see the show, this might not be the question for you.

The basic question is this:

Why didn't Jericho stay alive after Leanne died or when Leanne left?

So ok, the Church of the Lesser Saints can bring people back to life (sometimes?), and it seems the people they bring back to life can also bring people back to life. The constant re-dolling of Jericho suggests that Leanne (at least) can sort or rescind the resurrection and/or it he only stays resurrected while she is present/nearby etc. When Leanne dies, Jericho is gone, too.

But, wait...if they can just rescind their resurrections, why don't Uncle George and Aunt May who resurrected Leanne just rescind her resurrection instead of going through all this? And if it's not about choosing to rescind about not being around, then why doesn't Julian (who was resurrected by Leanne) also re-die when Leanne dies?

And why don't the members of the Church of Lesser Saints resurrect all their dead who Leanne kills? Is it a one-time only deal and since those people were already resurrected, they can't resurrect again? But Jericho seems to resurrect multiple times (but he doesn't re-die, he just unresurects, so maybe that's different).
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