Status of federal bill aiming to change Medicaid recovery practices
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Is the Stop Unfair Medicaid Recoveries Act of 2022 something that is still going forward?

This bill is intended to stop Medicaid from recouping costs from the survivors of beneficiaries. (Here's a story about it from Minnesota.)

None of the sponsors or cosponsors are my reps, so I don't think I can use their web forms. (Or maybe I can? But I don't think so with an address outside the district.)

Thanks for any information at all about this bill, or similar bills moving through, or struck down in, statehouses.
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Best answer: That bill was introduced in the 117th Congress, which ended in January 2023. Since it was not enacted, and that Congress has ended, the bill has “died” and a new bill would need to be introduced for the current Congress to vote on it.

The previous bill had no Republican sponsors and did not make it out of committee. I haven’t seen any news of any current bills that incorporate the same language.
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Response by poster: Thank you very much.
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