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Where is a good place to get a manicure/pedicure in Long Beach, California?
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Do you prefer Vietnamese style or more of a spa style?
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Response by poster: I don't really have a preference. Which ever is cheapest is usually my style.
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Vietnamese rules, IMHO. I rarely have a bad experience. Once I find a place I like, I'm theirs forever (or until I move)

Some advice on going to Vietnamese nail places:

Look for places with silly names -- "Top Nails" "Fantasy Nails" "Number 1 Nails" "Tropical Nails" (these are all real places that I've been to - but my current place is "Angel Nails")

Look in the window - are they Asian? If yes, go in... if they have a piece of paper that looks professionally printed with prices on it, if they take credit cards, and people are wearing white coats, you're probably pretty safe. The cleaner looking the better!

I'd also suggest that if the workers are speaking to each other freely while working (in Vietnamese, obvs), this is a good sign that the owner isn't a dick.

Pay your tip with cash - pay your whole thing with cash if you can.

A lot of these places have a lot of women working there with one man who seems like the boss. His wife may be an employee too - so may his kids/siblings.

Teenaged/college aged children may be working. My preference is that teenagers stay behind the cash register and not work on my hands or feet.

Be friendly with people and tip generously!
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Here's an NPR story on why the Vietnamese dominate the nail industry:
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and one from AsianWeek:
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And, sorry for going off topic, but did you know that Vietnamese manicurists hold about 40 percent of licenses nationally in the US, says the Boston Globe?
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Korean salons are just excellent too and they usually add a back massage with pedicure or manicure.
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