Help me find an FTA satellite dish installer in Baton Rouge!
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Help me find an FTA satellite dish installer in the Baton Rouge metro area!

I've got a motorized Fortec Star satellite dish and receiver that I bought from Sadoun Satellite Sales ... but alas, they are in Ohio! I've got all the cables run, but I can't seem to get the dish aligned properly - may have something to do with that pesky tree line on the south part of my property.

So, what I'm needing to do is have someone come out and relocate my dish, preferrably to the south side of my roof (you know, so you can't see it from the street) high up enough so it clears the tree line and can rotate as much as that sweet Italian STAB motor can do. I am afraid of heights - I am not getting on my roof. There's little to no work to do - just remount the dish, align it, and do a basic set up of my box. Shouldn't take more than 45 minutes.

But, I can't seem to find an installer that does more than just your average Dish Network/DirecTV install - you say Ku or Motorized to these guys and they hang up on you.

Anyone able to do any better googling than I can do? The local distributor referred me to some guy who won't return my calls.
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Call Louisiana Radio Communications in Lake Charles, they will give you the name of someone who can do it, if they won't do it themselves. Failing that, call Tomba Communications in New Orleans, ask them the same question.

Both companies are quite reputable and fair. They won't recommend anyone who will make them look bad.
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Response by poster: Not really sure these companies do satellite TV installs - it appears that they're mostly 2-way radio communication.
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Correct. However both companies have a wide breadth of technical knowledge, and if they cannot do it, as I mentioned in my initial reply, they likely will know someone who can.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks. I'll give them a call in a few.
posted by kuperman at 6:08 AM on May 2, 2006

Response by poster: No dice on either Tomba or LRC.
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