Stupid adobe illustrator problem
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Adobe illustrator newbie with a (probably very) stupid question.

Argh! What have I done?

I am trying to learn adobe illustrator (v10). So far I have made a line drawing (not sure if this is the correct term - it is a line with a series of anchor points).

Suddenly the anchor points have become invisible. If I use the "Direct Selection" tool and click on the path, the small blue squares representing the anchor points do not appear.

It appears that I am still selecting anchor points with the direct selection tool, because once I click on the path I can use the arrow keys to move the anchor point - the curve distorts as I would expect. But where have my anchor points gone? What can I do to see them again?

Suggestions for good Illustrator help resources would also be appreciated; clearly I need them.
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Best answer: Guessing...

Top Menu: "View > Show Edges" ?
posted by jca at 3:46 PM on May 1, 2006

(or "Show Bounding Box"?)
posted by jca at 3:47 PM on May 1, 2006

Response by poster: jca: thanks, that worked.

I could still use recommendations for good Illustrator learning resources. I have been reading the manual but have found it to be fairly opaque.
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The manual sucks. You can do all sorts of beautiful things in Illustrator but my manual only has like shitty butterflies with terrible gradients.
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Here are a few. I can't say how good any of them are. I used the Classroom in a book to learn how to use it. I may have a few chapters in PDF form if you want.
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Best answer: I think the keyboard shortcut is CTRL+TAB -- easy to hit accidentally, but almost impossible to figure out why it doesn't look like it used to if you don't know what you did.
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