Wherefore art thou, O stinkless sandals?
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Help me free myself from sandal stink?

So I'm wearing some cheapo sandals from Wal-Mart (similar to these) and they make my feet stink. I've never had this kind of problem with other shoes, just certain sandals. I've noticed that different sandals make the ol' feet stink to different degrees. I want to be free from this horrible curse. To that end I am embarking on a sandal quest. Perhaps you, O noble footsman, would be willing to help me?

Where can I buy sandals (in the aforementioned style) that will not enstenchify my feet? I seek to me free of malodiferous experiences. Price is no object (within reason) but I'd like to hear recommendations of sandals that you have direct olfactory experience with. I'm not looking for random lists of footwear as I can do that myself. I've search amazon, and google, but no one speaks of the smelliness factor of their foot protectors. Meat-space stores are preferred over internet sites so that I can go and sample their wares before purchasing. Am I condemed to wearing socks with sandals through the remainder of my days or whilst thou have mercy on this poor soul?
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I have no idea why certain sandals do this or which ones don't, but foot powder and spray deoderant work wonders.
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also check out this other thread about sandal stink
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Alternatively, put them in a plastic bag overnight with a dryer sheet (unscented) tucked inside each sandal. That really does wonders to abate the smell.
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Best answer: Man-made materials made to look like leather tend to get stinkier than genuine leather. Are your sandals real leather or are they synthetic?
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Putting them out in the sun for a few hours really kills quite a few bacteria, I think. The UV also breaks down a number of smelly compounds that can get impregnated into the material.

I've had relatively less luck cleaning my feet and the sandals with rubbing alcohol, FWIW.
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A 10:1 water-bleach solution, when liberally sprayed on the footbeds of Tevas (or knockoffs), works like a destinkifying charm. Just the rubbery bits though, not the straps. And it helps if you can let them sit overnight before rinsing the bleach off.
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Another thread which I can't find now (so I forgive you) recommended this: Paxton's Sandal Saver. I bought some.

It kicks ass.
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from one of the other threads, the teva link (updated location)
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if you want sandals that don't stink, then get some TEVAs (see link above) or CROCs

I love my Crocs, they are made in all kinds of funky and conservative colours. Super light, no blisters, breathe well and don't stink :)
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Tevas can stink pretty bad from my experience, so can Birks. I think it has alot more to do with the feet than the sandal.
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Here's another thread on this subject.
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I had a pair of Merill sandals that were advertised as non-stinky but they became offensive almost immediately. My next pair were Birkenstocks and they've been great. Comfortable and no stink whatsoever. The only caveat is they become terribly slippery when wet.
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My feet never smelled particularly bad in Tevas. However, the soles of my feet would turn black from the rubber or whatever.

Oh yeah, and my favorite part of the Teva link :

The sandal odor is not covered under Teva warranty.
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I bought two pairs of sandals on the same day because they were on sale. One pair is all leather - soles and uppers; the other has synthetic soles and leather uppers. The all-leathers ones never smell. The other ones reek. Unfortunately, the stinkiest ones happen to be the coolest looking ones. I never wear them. Buy all-leather sandals and no more stinkfoot.
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Best answer: There is a good reason for sticking to sandals (or any footwear, for that matter) with leather uppers and footbeds:

Many tanning and conditioning agents used in making leather impart significant and long lasting antibacterial properties to the finished leather. It's not unusual to find leather articles hundreds of years old that have little or no fungal or bacterial degradation. But leather footwear parts exposed to foot sweat acids and moisture may need occasional long term help in the form of good quality dressings, for longest life and continue odor resistance.
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Best answer: you get what you paid for, way to support wal-mart. try washing your feet and maybe you can wash away your hate of small time american business.
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You do get what you pay for (despite the uncalled for assholishness from tomtiberius).

Also, it does have a lot to do with your feet. I have never had birks smell bad.

And crocs? Only if you have no interest in fashion. You know, you think socks and sandals go together. They're absolutely awful.
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it's not being an asshole to point out the obvious, you pay for crap you get crap, and BTW justgary i didn't have to resort to profanity to get a point across. if you support the lowest common denominator we all loose. maybe you just don't care about small time shops.
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